Stefane Perraud was born in 1975. He lives and works in Paris. He graduated from Les Arts Décoratifs de Paris and obtained a post-diploma in interactive research in 2001. His area of research deals with light’s energy and substance ; he works regularly with writers and scientists. His work opens a dialogue, fictional at times, with the almost invisible and the «inframince» ( Aesthetic concept created by Marcel Duchamp to express an imperceptible phenomenon, or a difference so slight that it can only be imagined) , in the perspective of the  linking human soul and activities, with the intimacy of the matter. His tools and preferred formats are hybrids, as he digs into new media, sciences and advanced technology.

He has presented solo shows in and out of France, in venues like Musée des arts Decoratifs, Musée de la la Chasse, De Roussan Galery in Paris, WE project and Maison Particulière in Bruxelles, Art Center of Manoa in Hawaï, Chambre Blanche in Québec and many group shows and art fairs, like YiA art fair, Drawing now, Vokta Basel, Art Paris, Choices .

For many years, he has been collaborating and creating light design with live art artists – such as Trajal Harell, Eli Commins, Ali Moini… – for work presented at Avignon festival, Festival d’Automne in Paris ; MoMA and American Realness in New York; Impulz Tanz in Vienna and  Festspiel in Berlin.

He was selected for a residency at the prestigious Collège de France, in the frame of Open Lab in 2011, and obtained a grant in Pictanovo in 2013 for an art and science project on the subject of nuclear energy. On this  nuclear theme he is preparing an exhibition at Lieu Unique (France) for 2020, and was awarded the european grant Vertigo for developing a project «L’autre nature de la lumière» (the other nature of light), that will be presented in Malta in 2020.

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